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January 4th, 2005

01:48 pm: off to a new class!!
3 bowls of ramen and 2 failed cd burns latter, I managed to get me work done. The drive to campus was tuneless, as the stations are driven by crooked, cash-driven apes. Fuck that. class in five. four. three *runs*

09:42 am: morning.
Oohh, I love the sunny mornings that follow rainy days. Everything's in such sharp focus.

Well, I dont have class til 2. that's just enough time to shower and burn some data cds.

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January 3rd, 2005

11:14 pm: 1 day down.
So my schedule is shaking into place with less trouble than I was prepared to deal with. I can settle back into my lazy mode as soon as I’ve successfully crashed one final class tomorrow, and then cut the fat (security classes). I shall then celebrate with a paycheck, which I’ll be getting sometime later this week when I meet with me bosses. I’m tempted to buy something fun and useless. For example, I’ve had my eye on the sword of the leader of the nine shadow servants of the dark lord of mordor for quite a while now, but I’d also be happy with an industrial sized box of super bouncy balls. Dumping ‘em from high atop the court house’d be awesome. I can see it now: dirty lawyers scurrying for cover like silverfish as hundreds of bouncy balls rain down on them from the heavens above. To the sound of my shrieking laughter.
Ultimately the sword of the leader of the shadow servants of the dark lord of mordor is on the top of my squanderable money budget.
Whatever. I’m not making sense.
I hate lawyers.

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10:27 am: email shmoozing pays off.
One class down, one to go. I now have to wait around until 1:00 before I can crash the next party.

Last night I was laughing at an expression one guy used in the movie we just watched, (Friday After Next) and then Vic put his foot in his mouth. Deep. "Those people are always saying crazy shit like that." Now, let me frame this alil better by saying that Abe's girlfriend, who was in the room at the time, is black. Other than Vic, everyone could CLEARLY see that Shy was becoming more and more offended. Now, Vic's no dunce, but when he's making a point, he has what's best described as a rare form of conversational tunnel vision. He just kept going, started to reminisce on some black guy he used to know, and wouldnt stop using terms like "those people" and "they always". Even when Shy said "Um, I'm black and I dont know anybody who says that" Vic almost rudely brushed her off and kept rambling on. Glances were shooting all over the room, mostly of the "wtf" sort. It was uncomfortable cuz Shy was feeling generalized, yet it was also funny because this was just typical Victor. Haha, freaking Vic.

I really need to put far more time into my work, slightly more time into my hobbies, and and a little more time into University.

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January 2nd, 2005

10:39 pm: *grumble*
Spent the afternoon at Will’s place, then went back to Abe’s to see Scarface. The thing is (to my pleasure) we didnt watch Scarface. We watched Friday After Next, which is a ghetto comedy written and directed by the B rapper Ice Cube. Funny, yet boring. I spent most of the time drifting into thought concerning the modeling of Smaug's quaint little ceiling. I think the best thing would be a simple reverse extrude on some of the polygons, and deleting others. Yah.
And then there’s school tomorrow. I only have about 50% of my classes. The other %50 are hopefully going to be acquired tomorrow and tuesday. If not I’ll spontaneously explode, taking UCSB with me.
Now to plan my attack.

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08:33 am: happy day after new years!
Concerning yesterday:

Went over to Ashe’s place to work on building Smaugs hall w/maya.
Due to it’s geometric nature, Dwarvish architecture is *very* well suited to NURBS modeling. After scaning the design and loading it into Maya, we covered it with a large polygon, which was devided up into 5 smaller polygons that came to represent one floor level each. Each of the levels were extruded to the apropriate hight. After a couple hours we could pretty much navigate (walk) through the building and its stair cases, corridors, wall recesses, platforms and walkways. Columns will come later. It’s an impressive structure, if I do say so myself. I’ve liked architecture for a long time. Not the light, glassy modern crap so much as the weighty gothic or classical stuff. Some neogothic is amazing too. But architecture would be a horrible field of study for me. Atleast in America. Furking building codes. Furking look-alike codes. Now, architecture for a themepark might be closer to my interest...but not close enough to risk/invest the time necessary to pursue it. Well, atleast I can be a Frank Lloyd Wright for the peoples of middle earth, “Good ‘ol Charles, building middle earth since the first age.” That shall be my legacy as a painter/ wannabe filmmaker.

So after that, I went over to me grandfathers house for dinner. Grandfather is interesting once you get past his reserved shell. I wont bother describing my aunt and uncle at this point. Just know they’re more batty than they should be. And slightly embarasing.

So after dinner I went over to Abes to watch Practice Day. It was alright...for a tough guy movie. Predictably, when the movie was over, all us guys were toughed up, so we talked about fighting. Vic *knows* karate, so he took it upon himself (using me as a practice dummy) to show everyone how to imobilize (okay, those ones were uncomfortable), get out of a grip or head-lock. Shy, who was the only girl there...couldnt stand the macho talk, so she went off to instant message in another room. I probably would’ve too if I wasnt stuck in a death-grip. heh.
And what did I learn about Karate? When in doubt, just grab for the balls.

Concerning Today:
...uck. Today is the day before tomorrow. A red day! A school day! Tonight I’ll prolly do another movie thang. Josh wants to see scarface. Again. Maybe I'll be sick *wink*

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January 1st, 2005

11:30 am: about yesterday...
About 40% of it was spread out over state with Josh, Abe n sig, and the rest was Abe’s New Years party. Typica house party; loud rap music, powerful booze, people being kinky in the back rooms, and tons of people that werent invited showing up (for the free booz). Haha, I won a “best hair-but worst dressed” contest. Eh, it’s all a blur. I didnt even make resolutions. Too loud to think. Around 3 AM Josh, Abe and I left the party...which was pretty much dead by then, and went into montecito to egg/paint-splatter someones gate. Now to see if that SOMEONE mentions it on his tv show.


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December 30th, 2004

12:36 am: ego inflation.
So that felt good. Steve's whole fam came over for a bit to sing christmas carols *gag*. However, they all loved my tolkien paintings, and being tolkien art fanatics themselves, it felt like more than simple patronization.

December 29th, 2004

04:00 pm: Cats.
Came home late from Will’s place last night, walked over to my bed..and whoops! The cat was already stationed there. She looked so comfortable; gave me one of those “you arent gonna move me, are you?” gazes. So I gave in and hit the couch. Sleep didnt come. It seems that every time I was on the cusp of sleep, some part of my anatomy'd spontaneously develop an itch. And it’s never’n easy access location either...the itch always pop up in a spot behind the knee, or on the inside of my ankle, or between my neck and shoulders. Then the cat must’ve been dissatisfied with my bed, so she lumbered into the living room and made herslef comfortable on an extra pillow I’d thrown on the floor. She fell asleep instantly. To taunt me. And then she started to snore. I dont know how, but the poor ol’ thing can snore like an inebriated german bargoer. Anyhoo, at long last, when sleep did come, it was instant and sneaky. Dreams were freaky.
Yesterday I somehow managed to make some orthographic drawings of Smaugs head so I can CG him.
watched eva movie at tomas’s house around 4. The only problem is that I didnt watch it. Ashe was over so we did nothing but poor over architectural drawings of the hall. I think I only looked up at the screen like...twice: once to see asuka rip apart other huge, white evas with kissy lips, and then at some odd sex-philosophy part. Need to see it again. *grin* After that, Andrew and I went back to Will’s. The test animation is really coming along (a troll that jabs will in the foot, and then gets stepped on.) Very cute and exciting. We broke out the ale, played zilch, and talked of things , of mice and men. I got in an a political argument with Andrew, who is a liberal of the conspiracy theorist type. His position is that Bush and Cheney planned and executed the 9-11 attacks to gain power (it did give shrub power, unfortunatly). Now I’ve got no love for the Shrub, but I’m almost sure he wasnt behind that. If you’re gonna condemn Bush, you dont need to freaking make stuff up. He gives you tons material. It was a fun argument tho. left late (I was quite sober by the time I left, I must add), You know the story.

So Steve (One of Maries old friends) will be over in a few minutes. we’ll watch movies, eat and get bored. Times.

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December 28th, 2004

11:23 am: wuT?
Amazing. Work is getting done.

Current Mood: busybusy
09:23 am: Just had a brunch of leftover pizza. Pizza pizza.

Lost last nights blog to a thunderstorm induced power outage. I spent most of the day with my moms. Fish(with much help from loretta), lawyers, cars, and shopping.
So we were in Trader Joe's, I was scoping out vegi puffs or something when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Rebeca. We went out over the course of a couple semesters at City, but I lost track of'er. Seeing her was kinda awkward cuz (1) The head-cold had long since wiped out the articulation centers of my brain (2) Mom was bumbling around in the store somewhere, and she's the type that loves to pop up at the wrong time. (3) it's always awkward seeing someone you've dated. Well, anyway, it turns out that R moved into an apartment really close to mine. Whatever that means. Nothing really.

Sooo, last night I was talking to Will, and it s33ms that we have camera tracking!!!!!!
This means that we can put CG elements into footage where the video is jittering or panning.

I drew up an architectural floor-plan for Smaug's treasure hall.

Today is a blank slate. If nothing comes up, I might just git some work done.pizzat.

December 27th, 2004

10:04 am: uhhhhh!
I’m still semisick, it’s raining, and my work computer just crashed...it shows a great degree of personal endurance that I’m here and not sitting in the garage with the car running. Oh, right. I have no garage. But I do have a half full tin of Trader Joe’s cookies, so chocolate and its hedonic properties give me reason to live. It’s not that I dont like rain, it just seems to compliment my sickly mood.

As far as the project goes, being immobile has helped. I’ve found a way to program Smaugs lips so they move more realistically, without that shitty..cg mouth look. I’m also poking around for a way to replicate high quality slow motion.

I wanna go hug my cat.

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December 26th, 2004

11:07 am: They cursed us...
Well, I just vomited about 2 bowl worth of ma and cheese. It was a coughing gag reflex. (Gollum! Gollum!) I actually think the stomach acid had a good disinfecting effect on my throat.
The best medication is often rest. And something to concentrate on. At the moment, deciding how to spend my gift cards sounds like a relaxing way to kill time. Also much time for the eating of food and the drinking of juice.
More on last night. I had prepared a practical joke sized pile of rolls as the table centerpiece. I also concocted a ridiculously big bowl of mashed potatoes. The table was pretty amusing in an eccentric, King Louis XIV kinda way. My cousin Alex beat me to getting sick, and therefore didn’t show up. Pity. He loves appreciates comic opulence as much as I. (GOLLUM gollum)
I must have gotten 15 “Merry Xmas!” text messages over the course of the evening. Hey, it beats writing Christmas cards. Need a cellie if you wanna be in the loop =P
After gift swapping, there was a bag full of eclectic gifts left over, so I was called in to disperse them in game show fashion. LotR style. Yep, trivia contest. I’m amazed how much these kids didnt know. I went from good questions such as, “After being stabbed by the leader of the nine, who took frodo to Rivendell in the BOOK?” to “Whats the name of the big fire thing that gandalf killed?”. Dissapointing. (Gollum GOLLUM)
So Ashe, I guess he’s the co-director co-producer co-everything of the project just bought a violin. I was inspired enough to look for my Dad’s old viola, it took a while, but I found it in it’s tattered case. He had the thing for about 40 years. Anyway, I think I’m gonna fix it up and learn how to play it for the sake of having two violins in our soundtrack. Considering I know nothing of music, I’ll be making painfully loud baby steps for a while. But I do have about a year before we record any music. (Gollum!) Andrew W. agreed to help compose a score (he is a talented music major after all) so we’ll have something ready in time. In a few places I want to make a connection with the LotR soundtrack by H. Shore. Vague overtones of mordor theme in harp while encountering Thorin, and maybe distorted violin for one of smaugs monologs. There was a connection brewing with sauron for both characters, and I want the music to make it. Well, I’m gonna try more ma and cheese. And I have a “I WANNA GO SHOPPING” itch.

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06:58 am: Gahhhh!!!
*yawn* the sniffly nose developed into a sore throat. The quality of my declined to the point where it wasnt even worth it. So right now I'm very woozy.

Had a morbid array of dreams. The one I remember most clearly had me working on a construction site. It was dusty and brown, there was very high scaffolding. Half of the workers there were nice yet suicidal, and the others were vicious and conspiritorial. I found that roughly four of them were conspiring to kill me in a work related accident. Maybe this is where the sore throat started to eat into the dream; I happend upon on a fat lady on one of the higher platforms. I started to tell her that I thought I was being plotted against, and she was very sympathetic. I then noticed that there was a thin line of blood appearing around her neck. She had cut herself from ear to ear with a very fine razor, and the only thing keeping her alive was her calm state of mind, which I had just ruined by disclosing the plot. As her blood pressure rose, she started to bleed more profusely. All I could do was try to calm her down with words, cuz if I touched her, her finely sliced skin would tear and she'd start to gush like a broken fish tank.

Anyway, I'm still tired, and the throat has slightly subsided. I'm gonna try to crash again, and hopefully have a proper dream.

Current Mood: nauseated*gag*

December 25th, 2004

10:24 pm: bah humbug (jk)
Well gifted, well fed, and welldone (As in burnt/tipsy). My nose feels funny. I'm letting a 50 mg tablet of zinc desolve in my mouth. Painful, yet effective *shudder*

Today I got There and Back Again by Sean Astin, a toy ent, a bag of jerky, Gift cards, a lotr calender and various other knickknacks.

Had a funny dream last night about being held hostage in a cave by hot hippie girls. They were arguing over how they should despose of us. By "us" I mean me and random people that keep shifting character. I was trying to tunnel out. There was also something about jumping over pools of green water laden with paranas. Times.

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09:52 am: /\/\3rry <hr1s7m4s
Good Morning and Merry Christmas!
So I’m plowing through (chicken) jerky and cookies. Dinner will be held at Grandpas tonight. I did the shopping this year, and,in so doing, had my share of adventures. I haggled with 2 supervisors until I got a free ham, I bought about 20 lbs worth of rose potatoes, I bought oodles of rolls, and yams. Did I EVER buy a ton of yams. Fun.

But over all, the people that must have the most fun with Christmas are kids between 5-11 and their parents. They have distinct, game-like rolls to play. It’s the people that don't have these clear rolls that MIGHT find it sad, awkward, or just boring. SOME old people have it the worst. They normally get nothing but a stocking full or nice memories which leads them to dwell on loss. Then there are people like me that just kinda happily muck through it, aiming only for the goodies and a clear shot at the ham. It’s also one of the few times of the year that I read the bible. Yeah, I wont get back into the real “magical” spirit until I have kids of my own to lie about Santa to. Hope that’s not for a good long time, anyway.
Anyway, Merry Christmas, young, old, and 1-92. Ooh, mistletoe! *smooch*

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December 24th, 2004

09:39 am: As I eat cruncy cheetos
The Christmas marketing blitz krieg starts somewhere between the first course and dessert of Thanksgiving dinner, and it doesn't stop till the post-chirstmas sales sputter out in mid January. From the titanic Gaps and Wallmarts your gas station food court, everyone with something to sell pimps the season without shame. They pimp it so hard that by the time christmas is only a couple days away, you’re almost totally numb to the idea. Leave cookies for Santa? You mean the guy that’s been trying to sell me cars, cell phones, toys, movie tickets, insurance, and office supplies for the past forty days? The guy that shakes a bell in my face the second I set foot near a K-mart or Grocery store? Ha, all I want is a frucking restraining order to keep they guy away from me and my family. HOWEVER, I must say that the spirit still clicks in just in time, about christmas eve I’d say. Any minute now *grin*

And something else was wrong this winter, something was missing...hmm, now what could that be? Oh, right. An LotR release. Yes, Rotk:EE was great, but there is no comparison. It’s an unfillable gap.

Another Harry Potter is on its way, but to tell you the truth I’m kinda take’t or leave’t. I’d probly be more enthused if I read the books--at least the last 3 again. But I donno if I can stand the last 2 again. Seriously. Despite JK’s early efforts to keep the marketing sharks at bay, THEY"VE COME. Result= strong taste of commercial caution about the newer books. In the editions leading up to #4, I cant deny that, despite the method writing, the series had an exhilarating uncertainty. What changed? The audience. Of course Christian zealots were going ape on the series from the start, but as they say, any publicity is good publicity. It wasn't until it became a “sensation” (socially permissible, even hip, for adults to read them) that things started to go bad. You cant write a good book while catering to such a vast demography...specially those adult readers...those bitching fucks. If JK kept writing ONLY to the 11-15 audience (who it was for in the first place), EVERYONE’d be happy. Politically correctness has infected the series like an early frost. The remaining books in the series are all going to be like supermarket apples: huge and red, but mushy and tasteless. Will I read the rest? Yeah, it’s a go.
Eeegosh, that was a....strange rant. Hey, it is christmas eve! Keepin’ it fake, yo.

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December 23rd, 2004

04:53 pm: and...
I painted and watched tv. Work can and will happen tonight...after I do a couple other things.

01:09 pm: the improper relationship of (Art+Work/Time)

So, since last i’ve written, I have painted Smaug’s destruction of Esgaroth. I’ve got the old dragon toucing down on chard, half sunken ruins of what would have been the cities south east side--middle earth’s 3vil direction. Smaug's face is rather strange. I wanted to emphasize his age and demented wisdom, so I gave him a chin that resembles a pharaohs beard. He also has a set of horns that give the impression of an ancient (albeit corroded) crown. Building the CG smaug will be a challenge, as we are going for realism to the nth degree. We also need a CG thrush, and CG doubles for Bard and Bilbo. Not to mention a sundry o compositing and environmental shots (mostly Esgaroth & the interior of Smaug's hall). And then, of course, all the footage’ll need to be enhanced. All this will make for a very interesting half hour and 3 minute mock trailer--and will take roughly two years. hoepefully the impact in the buzzbuzzbuzz forums will be unprecedented. It should fool the unfoolable, and, in the end, get us almost any job we want.
So last night we had an impromptu figure drawing session. Isaac, Ashe, Jon, Teresa and I were in IV being bored. Out of the blue Teresa offered to model, so we got paper and stuff, n went back to her house. Yeah, it was strange seeing an old friend (and a very pretty one at that) naked. Eh, such is the life of an artist.
Today the burden of Christmas shopping for the fam weighs on my soul. I now have no girlfriend to buy for, so in a pathetic way that’s a relief. All I want to do is work on the Hobbit. Much to do. Besides the concept paintings, models, CG treasure tests, and diagrams, I’ve already built a large set of Numenorian ruins thing. They’re pretty cool. Like legos, they link together so that they can be arranged in any number of configurations. They’ll work well in scenes where we can get away with forced perspective. I wanna go start a painting. Damn, I should do work tho. Work is 3vil.

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Current Music: RotK soundtrack. Anduril.

December 17th, 2004

10:10 pm: sizzle.
Uh, well my brain is fried. I'll try it again in the morning.

Current Mood: dorkydorky

December 13th, 2004

10:00 pm: As it turns out...
...the curry frucking killed me. *cry*

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Current Music: les miserables
07:38 pm: Hungry as Hell.
I’m confused. Should I be in a good mood =) or a bad mood:(? What with this being the inception of christamas break, straight Bs (that’s a conservative guess, there may be an A in there somewhere), a non-demanding job that'll keep me pimpin, new and old friends in town...how could I be in a bad mood? Well, I just suffered a breakup 93 hours ago. I’m feeling better, but the world still hasnt got all it’s color back. I’m a bad boyfriend. Over the last few years I havent been able hold a relationship together for longer than a few weeks at a time. In contrast to what I was doing like half a frucking decade ago...sad. I’m losing maturity or something. Anyway, I try not to be a love blogger, so I’ll progress on. On to something stupid. Inane. Like politics. Like Bush. Like how bout this: can you blame Bush for being a pawn? I mean granted, he understands little of what he does, but assuming he’s merely a pawn by relation, could you still argue that he’s in the running for the worst intentioned leader America’s Ever Known? Of course not. HowEVER, hat doesnt mean he’s any less dangerous. See, you set up the goals of your presidency based on the desires of those who paid to put you there, and Bush took cash from a demanding crowd. We’ll pay back Bush’s pimps with our environment, our security, our deficit, our soldiers, and some of our freedoms. And more. Expensive president indeed. Like buying a huge SUV that guzzles gas, has a propensity to lose its wheels, and burst into flames ( I just accurately described the Durango). AND angers off everyone else on the road.
Anyway, I’ve lost any good expectations that I had for this loser. Now it's a matter of waiting for him to make another devistating move. Too bad the idiots are gonnnna run his brother in 08. Anyway, that be future talk. foodtime. I made a curry. Hope it doesnt kill me.

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December 7th, 2004

08:03 pm: zzzap.
Note to the wise: arc welding is scary. and very fun/handy.

after that, siri 'nI took his truck off-roading. found another truck stuck in the mud, we helped push them out---what? Finals tomorrow? Right. Too bad I dont have the readers...too good I have time to hit the library prior to the test.

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01:26 pm: im broken.
I'm just barely gonna make it through today, and it's not gonna be a perfect landing either. The problem is that somehow my workostat is switched to **VACATION MODE** on the far left side of the dial. I'd switch it back for the next 3 days, but the lever has seemingly broken off. I literaly cant take anything academic seriously (enough). Does this mean B's? Hey, it wont be the first time...I havent had a consistent 4.0 GPA since high school.

So Siri and I are looking into weapon fabrication. Welding and forging mostly. This shall awesome be.

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December 5th, 2004

12:54 pm: as mentioned...

mobster speak

Current Mood: grumpyfine.

December 4th, 2004

11:21 pm: saturday!
Lazed around the beach with friends(go sb weather!), and then continued the lazing @ Ashe's house.

As far as practical things go, I still've accomplished no more than worry about'm. finals are finally here. my current plan of action is no more than me grabbing myself by the hair and physically dragging my myself to the library or my art corner.

Had Lucky Charms for breakfast. It's only been about...6 years since I've last had'm. I'm glad to see that they still turn the milk a gray-green-blue color. So good. Think I need a snack...

Current Mood: artisticlucky charmed

December 3rd, 2004

10:31 pm: dont see saw.
Saw Saw (twas a crappy, funny, creepy movie. in that order), also went to gem faire. Gem faire wsa far more interesting, so I’ll appropriate the last synaptical volts of my fading mind to painting you a picture: Room full of sparkling things!
Renee wanted to come, so that was fun. I bought stuff, but I didnt spend as much as I was fearing I might. I passed the test.

Who accepts a 6:00 AM volunteer job as a water boi so they can sneak energy bars? Josh of course. (?)

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December 2nd, 2004

07:49 pm: pizza pizza!
Went downtown around noon to meet up with ol’ Earwicker. He gave me a large dictionary-sized stack of shit to sign. And for that I got lunch + $20. Not bad.
Killed the afternoon with Jessie, went to class late with Jessie, left class early with Jessie, had chai with Jessie and now I’m home.
I just stuffed a good ol' Rising Crust® DI GIORNO into the oven. I should’ve went to the library instead. I should STILL be at school. Eh, I’m sure that’s what a responsible charles is doing in some parallel universe--


This really pisses me off:
AOL System Msg: Your screen name (AvaCana7UP) is now signed into AOL(R) Instant Messenger (TM) in 2 locations. To sign off the other locations, reply to this message with the number 1. Click here for more information.

In translation, the AIM server doesnt notice that I’m not connected for roughly 5 minutes after being booted off, so naturally, nobody else does either. And if AOL really wants teh make their freakin AOL system Msg alert into something more than just a freakin pest-thing to click away, they should have the following option “To retrieve the messages people were sending you while we were sitting on our thumbs, reply to the message by typing ‘piece of shit’ and then pressing enter.”
I’d gladly give up the bulk of my server-alloted profile space in return for maybe oh, lets sayum...10 lines conversation buffer.
And apparently I cant take off and leave ‘n away up; recently the computer has been finding this offensive.
AND when the computer is being restarted after a crash, I hate the “Your computer was not shut down properly” message. It should read “Sorry for crashing because I couldnt simultaneously handle two seemingly nonconflicting programs.” I need a drink. Something disinhibiting.

I went to the BIG K-mart yesterday in search of a ground pad. Camping has been sounding really nice, and my old ground pad is one of the items that didnt pass the salvage test. I’ve had it since my first camping trip, which accounts for it being only 50 inches long or so, and it’s...nerf (?) material is all cut up from what looks like a veloceraptor attack. I’ll slowly acquire a whole new arsenal of camping gear; starting with a canteen that doesnt leak, a tent that stands, a flashlight that a candle wouldn't laugh at, boots that dont leak, and a few other things. I DO have knives covered tho. *grin* do I ever.
Anyway, back to K-mart again. I hear they’re joining forces with Sears. WalMart leaves them little choice. This is capitalism at its best and worst. Very evolutionary. It’ll be interesting to see how the other retailers deal or get delt. For me, this kind of corporate war IS football, my sport of choice. Right now I’m rooting for the Searses and K-martses. Wallmartsesis are playing some nasty tricks...but all’s fare, precious! I’d look up some Japanese business quotes and stickem in this blog if I wasnt so hungry. I’ll do a follow up on that. AND I’ll bet you a curry dinner that the mafia also have some....sobering business quotes. I shall investigate that too.
So this is the end of “dead week”, which begets finals week, which begets Christmas (yeah, I still say ‘Christmas’) break. Without school bugging me, I can actually start getting my job done, which would beget a better job, which would beget fame, fortune, and my own national holiday... and it doesnt beget any better than that (buh-dup tsssh!). But seriously folks....school is only slowing me down. Too bad I’m hooked(buh-dup tssh!). I’m serious! If I could only focus on my career right now....
Okay, must eat. Pizza. Cheese looks PURFECT!.

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12:06 am: let down.
just saw Ju-on...more crappy than creepy. And, according to Tomas, it's American counterpart (the grudge) is also a pile of "horseshit".

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November 30th, 2004

11:03 pm: smile, it's dead week.
This is Dead Week. The week where yu’re supposed to do nothing but go to yur last formal lectures and then study yur arse off at yur local of choice. Now, that sound like me? Neh. But if I had a favorite study place, it’d be Disneyland.

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November 29th, 2004

10:47 am: yyyyyyyup.
Right, I must not leave this chair. I just blew 45 minutes. Robert came over with a six pac o suds and invited me to join in on watching a police search that was underway on the corner of Evergreen. So I join in. I can honestly say that this is the first time I've ever had a mid-day beer on the corner with a group of predominantly middle aged men. And it's just as fun as it looks =P The chase was a good show. The helicopter was flying quite low over a eucalyptus grove..cops were poking around. Unfortunatly, they didnt catch their man (or woman). okay, on to a couple five pagers.

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12:20 am: bring it on.
GEM FAIRE starts friday and goes till Sunday. I'll be sure to go with ONLY a finite amount of cash. My credit card and checkbook are both things far to great & terrible for me to wield in that place.

Tomorrow I need to do more work than I did today. If I go without distraction, I'll be able to write two papers, catch up with work, go for a run with Siri, and then fiddle with smaug's geometry(if I have time).

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November 28th, 2004

07:45 am: Must-write-it---before-it--fades.
confusing dreams last night. I was at this summer camp...exactly where, I cant say. The enviornment was like that of Catalina, so Alterdimensionalcatalinaland, I guess. It was amusingly disturbing: there was a female centaur that ate her bleating son/calf for "the sake of music." That was her stated reasoning, atleast. I think she must've been the god and wellspring of musical inspiration; forever trapped in the perpetual toil of ritualistically devouring her own offspring to provide the universal, bittersweet base for the creation of music around the world. *understands the previous sentence was a killer, but refuses to go back and clean it up out of sheer groggyness* Other'n that, there was lots of firing automatic guns at small, brush-dwelling marmots. And swimming. Damn. I need to wake up.

It's been surreal having most of my old friends in town (and most of my new friends out of town). Thanksgiving's one of those rare times that bring almost everyone back, even after a good 3-4 years. And that in itself is deserving of much thanks. It was good to spend some time w peeps that I havent seen in...some in about a year.
Tgiving Dinner was at Gruenbergs (aunts house) like normal. Very fun, tasty and...relaxing.

Rest of thnxgivn break must be all about getting school crap done. Good thing NOBODY is in town today. All in transit. Hehe.

This is one of those semester's that I'm sorry to see end.

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November 25th, 2004

12:31 pm: =))
Happy Thanksgiving!

Current Mood: giddyThanksgivingy.
Current Music: sounds like Debussy. Not sure.

November 24th, 2004

10:14 am: F is for FOUND IT

Awsome. The whole Edward Gorey alphabet!!

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November 22nd, 2004

11:36 pm: damn.
Wow, another tuition bill just fell into my lap. Why didst I ever leave CC!? THERE I could have fun with my scholarship ca$h. THERE i could take whateva the fuckeye wanted guiltlessly. I can only thank jove that i've got virtually no other (urgent) expenses.

Current Mood: apatheticYou want MORE money?

November 21st, 2004

11:20 pm: trees, film, sleep.
Aside from the five-o-clock sunsets, there’s really no environmental indication of fall. Okay, so I’ve never experienced a “real” fall before, but c’mon. Santa Barbara’s flora seems about as real as the dusty plants in a doctor’s waiting room. Our "urban forest" is a collection of confused trees that dont know where the hell they are or what time of year it is. Nothing’s in sync. Well, at least we have a forest of some sort. Canadians are giving into timber industry demands and now plan on cutting down about half of theirs. enjoy your toilet/newspapers!

Anyway, did some film-tests & voice dubbing at Max’s place this afternoon. Other’n that, I just chilled out. I guess I should do some of that pesky homework. If I can keep my eyes open, that is. *head falls to the side* Nope. Not gonna happen.

I’m kinda pissed, however. Some sudden events will have me waking up at 6 tomorrow instead of my normal 7:48. Bah.

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November 20th, 2004

12:53 pm: cookie cookie cookie!
Up to my neck in Dutch stroopwafel and German pfeffernusse. Life's good.

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Current Music: Buckeye football.

November 17th, 2004

09:25 pm: multus chocolate et vinum Germani consumo. Ambrosia (despite slight allergic reactions to the wine.)

07:37 pm: (clutching stomach) Thai cooking's best left to pros. Must work on being a pro.

November 15th, 2004

07:58 pm: maps.

07:18 pm: tired.
worked out with siri round 2, then we met Jen for ice cream. Jen has the amusing habit of (over)sharing her sex stories. Hehe.

Yesterday was good. Watched a couple movies with Ashe. He gave me a plug of clay. I have since made smaug.

Tomorrow will suck.

Chances are Wednesday will be cool.

November 14th, 2004

01:24 am: so tired.
Interesting night however draining. Maybe tomorrow. My brain is currently malfunctioning. Remaining conscious time in minutes: 7.3 (and this’a high estimate). So, I tune into the news today..Peterson Trial. Tuned that shit off in a hurry. Tried retuning a couple hours later...still talking about the Peterson Trial!!! This pretty much sums up my feelings with respect to that trial and our media:
AvaCana7UP: Enough with the Damn Lacy Peterson case! I cant take it!
theman657: haha
theman657: it will go on forever

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November 13th, 2004

08:45 am: Saaaturday, you come too soooon.

I managed to defer my jury summons, but only till winter break. Supposedly the Santa Barbara jury pool is too small (?) to exempt students. Oh well, I’ll just defer as many times as lawfully possible.

Go Chris! beating Halo II in < 22 consecutive hours...proves something.

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November 11th, 2004

07:29 pm: yar!
I made myself turkey and cabbage. For rapid cooking and internal texture, I first boiled the two drumsticks. For the external texture, I took them out of the water and gave them a quick broil with an olive oil glaze. Turned out well.
With the intention of playing frisbee golf, I met up with Siri and James and Jamie. Had burritos at Freebird’s. We were eating outside, when this bum came bumbling up the street, stopped at our table, and started jabbering at us suchly:

Ne’ er-dowell: (stops buy our table) Uts uhp, Gies!?

Us: Hello. (try to continue with our conversation)

Ne’ er-dowell: (Looks at James) When’s Ew’re burtday?

James: Um...July-

Me: The fourth.

Ne’ er-dowell: Euw wunt bern on deh Forf of Jew-ly!? Euw kidn me!

Us: (share glances of mirth spiked with fear.)

Ne’ er-dowell: I used to sell sodas an beer on forf ud jew-ly. Made a fousand dollehrs. But den some crooks came upn said, gimmie yor monies, r I shewt eeuw! But I had peper sprray, and I was like PSSSHHHHHHHHH! all ova dat moverfuckers face. And den I...den I tuk es gun, and I say, ‘now i duh one wit duh gun! But den der were bouts five udders, and day stuck a gun in my gurlfrinds mouf an broke off er teeff.....(Looks at me) What’s ur name!?
Me: I’m James *wink at james*

Ne’ er-dowell: Good tuh meet eeuw, james. (sticks out a nasty, ass-stained hand. For some reason I shake it.)

Siri: (makes a funny face)

Ne’ er-dowell: Day call me pirate! Yarrrr! (He actually did have an eyepatch and a long white beard.) I gah a pirat joke. Der wush dish Piratcshh, and e ad a peg leg, an a hook....(I leave to get a refill and unfortunatly miss the joke.)

Jamie wanted an alginate cast made of her face, so to UCSB we went. she spazed when we started to glop the gloop all over her face. So we did it twice. No biggie. Just about $10 worth of alginate. But the result was FANTASTIC. Shannon showed up also wanting one. She too freaked out on her first go. She too got a good result in the end.
I’ve decided to make body armor in my film using plaster body casts. This should be crazy-frikin awesome.

I now drink Dr. Pepper from my supersize cup and eat turkey in this happy hour.

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12:22 am: sleepy.
I met Satz at SBCC round 4ish. In the half hour I spent there I happened to run into Chris(got fat), Sophie(Got thin), Mike, and a lot of other friendly/familiar visages. Feels like ages since I’ve been there...yet nothing’s different. No such thing as time at SBCC. Neverland. What'm I trying to say...*thinks*...I’m saying that I’m in serious need of bed rest. With me, this kinda talk is an indication of intoxication, sleep deprivation, or onions. Tonight it's all of the above.

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November 9th, 2004

07:26 pm: taters
Twas a long day, but now I have taters baking, and an idea for a painting percolating.

yuck. I must also cudgel myself into dealing wit another synchronized besiegement of papers. But ya know, papers arent really that bad so long as they dont exceed the ten page watermark. In the big picture, they serve us well in yielding simple, certain & fast grade points. Tests, however, while demanding virtually no effort or time, (assuming you’re not a study freak) have more room for mishap.

Left my Cell Phone at home today. This lead to a mild panic attack. The darn thing is both a help and a hindrance. Sad really. I’ve become the stereotypical cell phone puto. For instance, I love to talk while driving, I usually forget to mute it while in class/theater, and I play games during: lecture, section, family dinners/events, church, et c.

Addiction? Almost certainly.

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11:45 am: burggraf in recklinghausen
Right now I want to be hiking. Or playing frisbe. Or at a BBQ.
AMTgard was featured in the SBNP. Maybe I'll get back into it.

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Current Music: I'd like to hear some polka music. actually.
08:03 am: school again
Mint chocolate chip for breakfast.

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November 8th, 2004

11:48 pm: One relaxing day.
....and merry the day was. Relaxed the morning away. Left to relax with Siri for a few hours. came home around 7 and carried on with my relaxing.

My wrists are still tender from yesterday, but they’re coming back.

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